Goodbye Sparks, You Shall Be Missed

Today is a day of mourning. Sparks, the delightful concoction of energy drink plus alcohol, shall be no more. As of today, MillerCoors (the company that produces Sparks) will discontinue manufacturing and marketing Sparks as it currently is made, and will remake it into an alcohol-only drink. Let’s just say I’ve stocked up. Nothing ridiculous, mind you, but nonetheless, this is the end of an era here. Well, ‘end of an era’ might be too strong, as it is just a drink, but it’s still sad. This is the best drink ever for when you want an alcohol buzz yet don’t want to get all sleepy. It’s, uh, actually really good for hiking. I never drink more then one at a time, as that’s just entirely too much caffeine for me. At least that’ll help them last a bit, I suppose.


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One Comment

  1. best thesis March 16, 2017 1:56 pm

    This is the best drink that I like to drink all the time when you really want to have some quality drink. There is really something good about the taste of this drink.