Whereupon I babble about avocados and then briefly mention pizza

I’ve been busy the past few days. Quite busy, in fact. You see, I am a sucker for a good contest. I stumbled across a really exciting one the other week which involves making a video about avocados to win $5000. So, realising that my video camera was actually a really crappy video feature on an otherwise personable digital camera, I bought a camcorder. $60 from some kid on Craigslist, and it works great. It’s missing a few things (like the lens cap, for one), but that’s what happens when you buy a used $60 camcorder. So the video is (more or less at least) supposed to be about things you can make with avocados. Mine is about ceviche, and stars a spoon and a spatula. This is an improvement from my original idea, which involved sock puppets.

In any case, that’s what the last 48 hours or so of my life have revolved around. I’d post a link to the video, but alas, it’s still in it’s final editing stages. Instead, I’ll talk about pizza for a brief bit.

ledo pizza

Ledo Pizza is pretty dang good. They’re apparently a mid-sized chain, existing in about 5 states, but have a fair number of restaurant locations in each of those states. The bread is thin and soft, and the cheese is cheesetastic. Actually, in a way, it’s a bit pointless for me to be talking about liking pizza on here. I’ve found that, when getting pizza from a restaurant, even if it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. Well, unless, they burn it or something. Burning a pizza is like making a sacrifice to the Cheese Gods.

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