Chocolatey Apple Muffins (for that extra layer of warmth around your midsection)

If you are anything like me, you probably have enough sugary products in your home to last you through the next month. Or rather, if you are anything like me, you will have enough sugary products in your bloodstream to last you through the next month. If you’ve got relatives you see over the holidays, they dump copious amounts of delicious baked goods and chocolate in your direction, and if you’ve coworkers, they’re probably doing the same thing. December 26th is also an excellent day to acquire yet more sugary items, as who can resist that alluring siren song that is the 50% off after-Christmas sale?

However, at times like these, one must think of those poor bastards out there with no family members, no job to supply coworkers, and, as a result of the whole ‘no job’ thing, no dollars to provide life-giving discount chocolate. It is to those people that I am dedicating this post. I’m thinking of it as my good deed for the year. These poor lost souls need sugar, their stomachs ache for it, and I shall answer their prayers with muffins. Delicious chocolatey apple muffins.

chocolatey apple muffins

These babies were incredibly tasty, especially straight out of the oven. My strategy for deliciousness was this: I took a recipe for apple muffins, and dumped in a bunch of chocolate chips. As for the apple muffin recipe, well, I completely forgot which one I used, otherwise I’d link to it. But, I’ll help you out anyhow. Just go to, and do a search for ‘apple muffins’. Pick one with a nice high rating that uses ingredients you have on hand, I recommend one that actually uses pieces of apple, rather then just apple sauce or juice, as texture is a glorious thing.

I should note that, even if you are completely inundated with junk food and baked goods, it is completely reasonable to eat yet more of it. See, heat costs money, and being too thin will cause that heating bill to just go up and up, putting a dent in your wallet as well as deepening that nasty ole carbon footprint. So remember this: Go Green, Get Fat! Captain Planet approves.

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