Curry Art and Ice Cream Sandwich Art

Sometimes, I take a picture of something really neat, but the picture does not express the neatness of that photographed entity. Sometimes the photo can be tweaked, sometimes it can’t. Usually when the latter occurs, I just delete the picture. This time, I decided to flex the ole Photoshop skills. So, err, keep that in mind for this post.

In any case, curry is a great way to use up leftovers. I just dump a pile of remnant vegetables into a wok with a little oil and garlic, then dump in the curry powder. After pushing that around for a bit, I’ll add the remnant meat, or in this case, some gluten, push it around on the wok a bit more, and dump it on rice. Voila, delicious curry! Adding some banana or yogurt on top is a great way to balance out the spices, as well.

And, well, here’s a picture of something that used to be curry before I decided to make it magical!

Curry art

And now, dessert. If you are in the mood for some cookies and ice cream, why not head over to your local Kroger and get a pack of cookie sandwiches? Err, assuming you live near a Kroger. Although, I strongly suspect other grocers carry similar items. In any case, I love these things. They go great dipped in chocolate sauce. There’s also a mint chocolate one that I’ve yet to try, and I’m sure that it will be quite delightful as well.

This picture used to be boring, then I ‘posterized it in Photoshop, and it is now less boring! Yay!

Ice Cream Sandwich Art

p.s. Merry Belated Christmas! I’d post pictures of Christmas food, but it’s all either still on the camera or long since digested. You’ll see the former eventually, and, trust me on this, you’d much rather not see the latter.

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