Delicious Raspberry Smoothies

And now for something completely out of season!

Back in the long days of summer, Drew and I were out hiking and happened upon legions upon legions of raspberry bushes, all offering their fruits to us. We accepted their offerings graciously, and they have been snoozing in our freezer for quite some time, their slumbers only occasionally disturbed for those special days when we bestow the privilege of being eaten onto a chosen few.

Such a day happened recently, and that day begot these delicious beverages:

raspberry smoothies

This is a giant mishmash of raspberries and pineapple, with little bits of spinach nestled inside for bonus nutrition. I also find that smoothies like these are an excellent way to ingest things like echinacea. See, I really reeeallly hate taking pills. Various herbal supplements are just ground up plant bits stashed inside pills. Thus, open pill, dump in blender with rest of ingredients, and problem solved. It’s a beautiful thing. I still have my doubts about if echinacea is in any way even useful, but it was a gift, and I figure it’s not gonna hurt anything, so why not.

On a final note, this smoothie would have gone excellenty with a little rum mixed in. In fact, I feel that the alcoholic beverages that are the most worth drinking are ones that are essentially smoothies with rum dumped in. Quite delightful, indeed.

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One Comment

  1. superiorpaper March 11, 2017 8:40 am

    Raspberry is my favorite fruit from all the other fruits and this smoothie is really making me hungry. I was wondering to give a try making it at home for once at least.