Pumpkin Spice Hot Milk

The real tragedy with this particular time of year is the lack of sunlight. Not only does it make more then a few of us entirely more depressed then we would rather be, but it also does a depressing number on some of our photography skills. Sunlight is a beautiful thing. I can place something in direct or indirect sunlight, depending on the brightness of said sunlight, and take a picture that’s really contrasty and colorful and fabulous. Or, I can attempt to generate a pale imitation of that picture using my flash. See, flash is no friend to good picture-talking. I find that using a flash is an excellent way to make objects glow in the foreground, but that’s about it. Mind you, it’s better then blurry pictures, so I work with what I have.

A more enterprising me might actually locate a tripod to use. However, most of the shots I do require weird angles of closeups, which would require some sort of tripod beyond my realm of awareness. In any case, when I actually am feeling enterprising, I will stack objects and balance my camera precariously upon them. There is a bit of time involved in this, however, and generally the most prominent thing on my mind when photographing food is the fact that I’m looking forward to it sliding down my gullet in very short time.

In any case, this pumpkin spice hot milk was actually delicious, despite what the picture might say about it:

pumpkin spice milk

See, a few years back a happened upon a pumpkin spice hot beverage of some sort at Starbucks. I despise all things coffee-related, so I got it without the coffee (essentially making it hot whipped milk plus flavoring). It was absolutely delicious, almost delicious enough to justify the $4.00 price tag on that baby. At some point, though, I realised something. Creamers actually come in flavors. This might seem obvious to coffee-drinkers, but to me, I had just assumed creamers were, well, cream flavored. Nope, there’s approximately a gazillion flavors of them out there, one of which happens to be pumpkin spice. So I got myself some pumpkin spice creamer, dumped it in with some milk, and heated it up in a pan, attempting to whip it. I was feeling daring and bold, so I dumped in some cinnamon as well. It was quite tasty! After awhile I even got lazy and started microwaving it, saving a pan to wash! In any case, I highly recommend attempting it, and I bet it would work great with some of the other creamer flavors, as well.

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  1. Jarita June 2, 2016 4:31 am

    Thanks for the post. I love to drink this pumpkin spice hot milk. I also added one more flavor, when I made this, this was coffee flavor. It was really different taste, I like this. You can try this also. :)


  2. bestessaypoint March 9, 2017 8:28 am

    This milk has been the most delicious and healthy thing to take in the routine. There are many hidden benefits of drinking this milk and I have been well aware of most of these benefits.


  3. Maxwell May 18, 2017 11:59 pm

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