Curry, Starring Dirt Cheap Fish

So lets talk about dirt cheap fish, here. See, I can appreciate all ranges of fishes. On one end of the range, I have a huge affinity for tuna, barely seared with soy and wasabi involved, preferably. And on the other end, well, I also have a huge affinity for tuna. Albeit, from a can, mixed with some miracle whip and chipotle sauce, ideally. The thing about the fishes on the cheap end is that there’s simply not as many options for things to do with them. With super awesome tuna or salmon or (insert awesome fancy fish here), you can do pretty much anything to them and they will be delicious. With fishes on the other end, however, sometimes they need a little bit of disguising.

Which brings me to the fish at hand today. I bought it from Tan-A, in a bag where it was simply labeled ‘fish’. Not even ‘whitefish’, just ‘fish’. The price was right, though, so it got bought. I used half of it to make some weird fruity baked concoction, but this is not the sort of fish meant to bake and simmer, it seems. The fish was too soft and too flavorless.

Curry to the rescue! The fish seemed to fry quite nicely, and seemed more then happy to absorb all of the curry-like seasonings I dumped on it, the most notable being, well, curry powder. Yup. So that worked well. It even had spinach and carrots to keep it company, spinach and carrots being fish’s best friends and all. (Ok, just pretend)

Fish curry

It rested nicely on top of some delightful jasmine rice. If you have not experienced jasmine rice, you should go do so right now. It is light and fluffy and flows down the ole gullet with ease. In fact, I recommend getting this particular variety of jasmine rice, if you can:

jasmine rice

$8.50 for a 10 lb bag. Not too shabby!

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