Apple Pie-tastic

I have been inundated with apples lately. This is not a problem, as I can always find useful things to do with apples. They can make excellent ammunition as well as juggling materials. I decided to try out that whole ‘eating’ thing this time around, though, to see where it’d take me.

So I made a pie. A pie that, quite strangely, tasted better reheated then the first time around. The recipe I used did not call for any cinnamon, so in the reheatings, I’d add some cinnamon beforehand for that extra kick. I say that if you’re eating an apple dessert, and there’s no cinnamon involved, that there’s something seriously wrong.

Apple pie

I’d link to the recipe, but I’m pretty sure it’s a standard apple pie recipe. Nothing particularly astounding about it, I’m afraid. Tasty, mind you, but then what apple pie isn’t?

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