Vietnamese Bun … is Full of Fun!

Not too long ago, I had some bun at a Vietnamese place. Bun should totally have an accent in it, however I’m not sure where to find it on my keyboard so accent-less it remains. In any case, bun is a delightful combination of noodles (also called bun) plus vegetables plus protein of some sort plus liquid dumped on top. It is very tasty. I realised that I, too, am capable of making this delicious dish, and so I put forth the act of making some.

Vietnamese bun

I was lacking in essential bean sprouts, quite unfortunately. However, I nobly made up for it with copious amounts of peanuts! I mixed together a half-assed version of the sauce that I found online, using sugar and chili garlic sauce and fish sauce and other ingredients I’ve forgotten. Apparently you can make the sauce and have it keep for up to a month, so next time I’m gonna make a big ole jar of it and eat bun all month long.

The crab worked sufficiently well. I need to get some shrimp, and try it with that, as, in restaurants, I’ve had bun with grilled shrimp and it’s been absolutely delightful. The ideal situation, though? Just one shrimp. One giant, glorious shrimp, the size of my fist. If I had a shrimp like that, I could die happy.

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