Galactic Improv Pasta

There are two types of pasta in this world. There is planned pasta, and there is improv pasta. Planned pasta is often the result of a recipe, where you have a trip to the grocery store and spend precious dollars to get fabulous ingredients for the making of your dinner. Then there is improv pasta. See, improv pasta happens when you’ve got a bunch of remnants of other planned meals just crawling all over your fridge. They need to be consumed in some manner before they get all green and hairy. Thus, pasta to the rescue!

I generally have some sort of dry pasta hanging out in the cabinet, as it is excellent backup food. This particular instance involved little tubes whose name I can’t remember. Why is it that every shape of pasta has it’s own name, anyhow? I’m going to bake a loaf of bread, shape it like a hat, and tell people it’s called a Stanley. Or hey, I’ll bake a loaf of bread into little tiny balls, and tell people it’s called a Roll! Hmm, crap.

In any case, I had leftover red sauce from some dipping adventure, as well as leftover turkey and tomato from some sandwich adventure, and leftover celery from some salad adventure. So they all got gloriously dumped in, along with some shaved carrot, a range of seasonings, and parmesan cheese. There was to have been additional cheese involved, but the mold monsters had already gotten to it, which was quite a blow to my palette, admittedly.

galactic improv pasta

Then I photographed it while the pasta relaxed comfortably on a black chair. Meaning that when properly cropped, the pasta appeared to be floating in space. So I decided to go ahead and heighten this particular effect, and we thus have Galactic Pasta.

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  1. Knerrd November 21, 2008 4:59 pm

    I think I’ve had that same dish!

  2. bestessay February 16, 2017 10:12 am

    This pasta was so damn delicious that I really love eating it and it was easy to make as the ingredients were present at my place. I have made this because after this picture my mouth was full of water.