Melty Cheese Crackers

It is a very dairy time of year. See, around this time of year, your wallet starts conspiring with your stomach. Your wallet is all like, “Boy, heating this home sure is expensive, wish I could get my owner to be warmer without wasting all this money!”, and your stomach is all like, “Boy do I like fats!”. One thing leads to another and you find yourself slurping down more cheese then the human body was ever intended to cope with. It is quite a delicious thing, however. Still, one must chastise one’s wallet, as well as one’s stomach for listening to the wallet, taking note that, while you might save on your heating bill by gaining 10 lbs, all of that money goes quickly down the drain when you have to go buy new clothes to avoid having the ever-stylish ‘sausage look’. Silly stomach, it thinks it’s a brain!

All of which is a lead-in to another post about cheese. A post about a lazy lunch, whereupon I zapped some cheese on some crackers. This was an art of cooking I discovered fairly early on, in late elementary school. At that age, melting cheese on crackers is a truly wondrous feat. At some point since then, it became the stuff of backup lunches.

cheese crackers

Note: I also had miso soup accompanying this, which, while much more interesting in terms of it’s process of preparation, was much less interesting visually. Meaning miso soup photos, when I take them at least, generally look like crap.

Note #2: The cat (Estha) was purely ornamental, and was not harmed in the making of these crackers.

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One Comment

  1. uk essays February 16, 2017 9:42 am

    That is the most delicious thing to eat and I wonder why this cat is staring at it like it is something useless. But still it was good to read this post on this website after a long time.