Pizza from Papa John’s, with Pineapple

This will have zilch to do with actual cooking. This is because a.) I’m lazy, and b.) I like pizza.

We had the fabulous fortune of acquiring a free pizza coupon from a friend, so we recently cashed in on that baby. 1/2 pepperoni for Drew, 1/2 extra cheese for me, because being constipated for a week is totally worth it. That, and I have the tastes of an 8 year old.

Actually, my idea pizza is extra cheese with pineapple. In general, though, I’m not as big on getting pineapple added on to the pizza by the restaurant. The pieces are usually teeny and wussy, and get all hot and shriveled with the pizza is cooked. Mind you, I’m still quite happy to eat that sort of pineapple, but I really prefer to dump it on just before eating, in copious quantities, fresh from the can (though I’m sure just plain fresh would be even better) and not in the slightest way hot (preferably cold, in fact). The contrast of the hot melty pizza with the cold pineapple is quite delightful.

pineapple pizza

I also made the mundanely fabulous discovery that a single slice of pizza fits quite well onto a sushi plate. This means that every slice of pizza I eat requires going back to the kitchen to get another slice, so in theory it should prevent overeating. In practice, this doesn’t work at all, but I can live in my fantasy world.

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