What I Ate for Lunch at Some Point

This will be what I call exceedingly lazy blogging. See, here’s how things usually work. I take pictures, and then after awhile I dump them all out of the camera and into the computer, and hack them up in Photoshop and make them internet worthy. Sometimes I have many many things that I’m making, and I get a bunch of pictures at once. These help me get through the ‘lean times’ as it were. And when I say ‘lean times’, I mean ‘when I eat nothing but the same hot dogs and Mexican food for 5 days straight’. It’s just not that interesting.

A ‘Wiener of the Day’ blog would have great potential, though.

In any case, after a photo dump, there’s a lovely array of food photos to choose from. I’ll generally start with the most interesting and/or photogenic and/or tasty and/or funny first, and work my way down from there. If enough time passes where I either a.) haven’t eaten anything particularly interesting in awhile or b.) haven’t gotten around to dumping out new photos, then I get to the backup pictures. These are still interesting enough for me to slap up here, but tend to get saved for last. Meaning I may have added newer and more interesting photos to the photo pile before I get around to using those backup photos. And soon they become old and bedraggled and sad. They’re like the people on The Price is Right that never get to leave Contestant’s Row. Tragic, indeed.

In any case, option b happened. And thusly I present my lunch from about 2 months ago:


The sandwich is filled with turkey and delicious. Cheese nips are always a plus, and cannot be appropriately eaten without milk. The apple is one of the best sort, that which goes straight from the tree into your hand, and eventually your mouth, without at any point being immersed in wax to be made shinier. I prefer my apples dull, thank you very much!

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One Comment

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