Tofu with Peanut Sauce (aka More Protein Then You Ever Needed, Plus Some!)

I’ve been struggling, for many an eon now (and by ‘eon’, I mean ‘cooking session’), to make tofu such that I don’t feel like I’m eating teeny sponges. In theory, one can cook tofu such that it will be crispy, yet fluffy, on the outside, and delicious all over. I’ve had it like that in restaurants, and I must believe that I can recreate this meatless wonder!

So I had this recipe that I found somewhere in the dark crevices of the internets. Said recipe was for tofu in peanut sauce, and it specified that the tofu was all of the wondrous qualities I described above. And then I promptly ignored the recipe, and ended up with this.

Tofu with peanut sauce

It was still rather tasty. However, the recipe told me to dip the tofu chunks in egg, then dip in corn starch. I was feeling lazy, though, and just dumped the egg and corn starch in with the tofu and tossed them about for a bit. And I learned an important lesson: this is not the way to make crispy tofu.

The peanut sauce itself ended up being rather jumbled. Instead of straight peanut sauce, I took this as an opportunity to use up some leftover satay sauce. This was not enough. So I dumped in some peanut butter and some hoisin sauce and wished for the best. And for extra good luck, I threw in a giant blob of mildly crushed peanuts.

It was more protein then you can shake a stick at! Well, I suppose if you had a rather large stick, that would work out ok.

Anyhow, I tried to take a single serving photo of this squishy pile of delights, and that came out something like this:

Peanut-tastic, indeed.

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  1. Bart November 7, 2008 10:26 pm

    I hate wasting food, so I do the same thing — throw things in a pan (usually based on smell) and see how it turns out!

    I’ve never used peanut butter in an Asian dish, but I’ll keep it in mind, lol!

  2. ptocheia November 8, 2008 5:32 am

    I definitely recommend trying to add in peanut butter some time, it’s quite tasty!

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