Leftover Mexican Food is Infinite

Seriously, it is. I never have leftovers last as long as Mexican food.

Example #1: Chipotle. Mind you, it’s rather Americanized as Mexican food goes (*pretty* sure of this, at least), but it does not change the fact that it is delicious.

This past Halloween, there was a glorious promotion whereupon if you wore tin foil somewhere on your body, you got a free burrito. Drew and I, being pioneers of delicious, of course went to 2 Chipotles. Which resulted in 4 burritos.

Now, once upon a time, back in the old days when Chipotle was new, I’d try to eat an entire burrito. I’d generally get about 3/4 of the way through and realise that eating any more would result in projectile vomiting, which is a very rude thing to have to subject your friends to. At some point, around the time I acquired a boyfriend named Drew who also had the same problem, I began to eat only half of the burrito, with him generally being the one that got to eat the other half. This also leaves a bit of room for the ever-important dessert. So, instead of a gut-bursting attempt to eat all 1100 calories of that baby, it was a gentle 550 (still pretty filling, actually).

By the way, this site is really great for calculating the caloric content of your Chipotle burrito, I just discovered it about 5 minutes ago!

In any case, upon actually having 4 of these things to kill off, you start realising how much starch and protein are in them, and how heavy even a half a burrito is when you’re eating them days in a row. So we’ve started padding them out with lettuce, tomato, and avocado for bonus nutrients, and eating them in thirds instead. So, they’re going away a bit slower the expected. Who knows, I might actually get sick of them at some point.

I have no photographic documentation of the burritos. This is because I am Lazy. However, a similar incident occurred with is about a month ago, when eating out at a little restaurant lodged in the back of a Mexican grocery store. The empanadas and quesadillas were ginormous, and we ended up taking home our leftovers, along with some of the leftovers of our eating companions. Things lasted forever!

Here is a poorly-taken photograph of them lasting forever:

Empanada leftovers

Mind you, we helped them last forever by, along with the lettuce and tomato, also padding them out with rice. This is because these things were about 80% cheese (probably less, but it sure seemed like it at the time). Not that this is a bad thing, as cheese is delicious and I try to eat it as often as I can. Still, my arteries get really pissed at me when I try to overcheese them.

The conclusion to all of this is: I apparently don’t get sick of Mexican food, ever.

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