Delicious Unagi Sushi and More!

I love eel so bad (unagi for those of you in the know). It is filled with the sort of moistness and deliciousness that only eels can possess. Eels are the sort of fishes that like to squirm their way into your mouth and slide down your throat right into your warm belly, and you’re gonna like it, dang it! For when Delicious forces itself upon you, there is no choice but to reply with thrilled hunger.

There was some fake crab involved in the shenanigans as well. Fake crab, however, is more of a staple then a rare treat (for those of us who are too cheap to go in for better meats on a regular basis, at least).

In any case, the amount of sushi I made was copious and grand. The amount of photos I took was copious and horrid. Poor lighting, so fuzzy! I cropped out about 80% of the sushi in order to capture the 20% that actually looked good in this picture:

Unagi (eel) sushi

I almost wished I’d made some extra sauce to go with the eel, as eel slides down one’s throat much more deliciously when accompanied by gratuitous amounts of eel sauce! In any case, all was quite tasty. Here is one of the better ones of the crappy pictures, simply because I hate to put in so much effort taking bunches of pictures only to have to ditch them. In any case, I figure posting bad photography will make the good photography that I post look so much better….right?

sushi dinner

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