Spice Cookies (of Joy)

So I made these cookies. These super awesome cookies that at first seemed like they were totally gonna be duds. See, I mixed all of the non-‘chunk’ ingredients in, and the batter was still pretty much powder. But then I dumped in all the ‘chunk’ ingredients (apples, walnuts, raisins, chocolate chips) and squished it all up, and the batter got totally moist. It was like a cookie miracle. Then I baked them and ate some and my mouth started squirting rays of joy and light. No really, they were that good. It was like I just baked Jesus in the oven, and then he melted in my mouth. Cookies just can’t get much better then that.

Spice cookies

In any case, I used this recipe from allrecipes.com. All I really altered was removing about 1/2 of the raisins and replacing them with chocolate chips. Fabulous!

Allrecipes.com is really useful, not necessarily for the recipes themselves (though, that’s obviously the main point of going there), but for the ability for users to rate and comment on the recipes. The use of the ratings is obvious – if you’ve got to choose between which of two recipes to make, the one with 5 stars is probably a better bet then the one with 2 stars. The real joy, however, comes with the comments, as many people are all like ‘I made this, but then dumped a pile of this in instead, and swapped this in too, and it was even better!’, and you can get about 2837489278923 variations of one recipe. Which is rather useful when you’re missing key ingredients and are dying to do *something* with all of those raspberries.

The comments, however, can also be the downfall. An otherwise perfectly good recipe can get ripped apart by some ridiculous person who’s all like “This recipe is fail! I decided to leave out the butter and the flour (less fat and carbs you know), and swapped out the nuts for ketchup, and since I didn’t have any eggs I threw in some leftover chicken from the other week instead. It looked too dry so I also rubbed moist towelettes all over it for awhile. The recipe was horrible, it gets zero stars only because negative numbers aren’t even an option, I wouldn’t use this as a colonic on my worst enemy!”. Luckily, comments of this sort are few and far between.

And, I should mention, thusly ends the Apple Saga. There’s only about 3 left, and I’m all pooped out from attempting to cook with the wee bastards.

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