Curry Chicken (err, Turkey) Salad (aka Apple Saga Part 3)

As it turns out, curry chicken salad is not an efficient way of using up apples at all. It only used one apple, in fact. Still, that’s one less apple that needs to get used up, so I suppose it’s apple-using-up goal was still met.

Curry Chicken Salad

In any case, I used this recipe. And by ‘used’, I mean ‘vaguely followed’. There’s no chicken in this recipe at all. Not a drop! I had turkey instead, shredded little pieces of turkey that were just dying to roll around in a salad. I suppose chicken might have tasted better, but the turkey worked quite well tastewise, as well as saving me the trouble of making my wallet vomit up more dollars at the grocery store. Left out the grapes, as I figure raisins are grapes enough. No onions either, as celery is crispy enough for my needs without getting any sheisty onions involved. Walnuts instead of pecans, because, well, walnuts are awesome. That, and I happened to already have them on hand. I at least doubled the curry powder amount, and added chili powder, as sometimes you just need a little kick.

And oh yes, the mayonnaise.

See, at first in my head was the decision to use mayonnaise or miracle whip. I possessed both, and while I generally use miracle whip for mayo-related purposes, as I find it more flavorful, this could have been a good excuse to get rid of some mayo. As it was, the fridge contained two containers of mayo and one of miracle whip (the result of my and Drew’s condiments joining forces not too long ago). So, out of sheer curiosity, I checked the dates of the bottles. I used mayo, and sent the other two containers immediately into the trash. Sad thing was, the mayo that I used was about 6 months expired as it was. Still, I used it. It was one of the last ingredients, I was desperate, and I figured that since I’d been eating out of these containers for awhile now, if I was going to get sick off of them I would have done so already. In fact, there’s probably some poor starving child in Somalia or Helsinki or wherever that would love to have expired mayo. In any case, at least it was still good until *some* time in 2008, unlike the other two containers. Nonetheless, methinks I need to invest in some new mayo and miracle whip.

It’s such a habit to get ginormous bottles too. I mean, stuff is so much cheaper in bulk. However, mayonnaise isn’t exactly the sort of thing that gets used up real fast, I suppose, so I might just have to suck it up and buy small in the future.

In other news, curry chicken turkey salad makes a super sandwich!

curry chicken sandwich

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    I am really getting hungry after reading this post and I am going to try making this recipe today in the dinner. It is really looking delicious and a healthy thing to eat for everyone.