Maple Apple Crisp

This is, essentially, part 2 of the saga of ‘What to do with all them apples’. I should note that it may also be the last part of said saga as well, as I’ve been sick lately. Being sick means that a.) baking, as it requires effort, does not occur and b.) apples, being full of nutritiousness, get eaten on a regular basis. But who knows, maybe I’ll heal up soon enough to make a caramel apple or two before they’re all gone.

In other news, apple crisp is delicious. Even more so if it involves maple syrup. These apples were dying to get sawed to pieces just to have the privilege of frolicking around in some delicious maple syrup.

frolicking apple pieces

It used up 6 apples, which works out as there were about 6 servings in this baby. And if you squint your eyes shut just right and don’t let the brains do too much work, you can even pretend it’s super healthy! It uses oats and flour and everything! Here’s the maple apple crisp recipe I used, I highly recommend you make it too!

maple apple crisp

I even added Bonus Chocolate, which mingles quite well with the obligatory ice cream that must top such a dessert. Also, if you are feeling really weird, you could get a bunch of tiny toy cows, and have them grazing on top like it’s a field, and the chocolate pieces are little bits of cow poop. It’s the perfect dessert idea for that special child/cattle farmer/fecophiliac in your life!

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  1. bestessay January 31, 2017 4:48 pm

    That is really very delicious looking recipe and I was wondering to try this recipe at home this time. I always like to try out these types of newly delicious and healthy things to eat.