Sunomono (of Joy)

I may have mentioned this before, but I will never again have the problem of too many cucumbers. It’s not a commonly occurring problem for most people, and in the past, I have mostly only been afflicted with it when I’ve been acquainted with entirely too many people who have had gardens with cucumbers in abundance. Free food is hard to turn down, you see. Free cucumbers, in particular, apparently. They’re so aerodynamic and shiny and other adjectives that have little to do with taste. They’re also really exciting when they come from someone’s garden, as there’s a good chance they’ll be mutant and squiggly. Nothing brings joy more then a mutant cucumber.

In any case, there are finite uses for cucumber. And, let’s face it, it’s not the most exciting of vegetable to just start chowing down on. Thus, I eat sunomono.


I don’t get sick of it. This is because it tastes like lazy sushi without the rice. I’ll generally just make it meatless, as I don’t always have the necessary meats lying around. This time, however, I was feeling saucy and got some fake crab. Or rather, I was feeling crabby and got some fake crab. Either way, it is quite tasty!

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