Banana Bread, Filled with Chocolate Chips and Joy

Sometimes, you just have too many bananas. This predicament can be more common then one might think. Bananas, as compared to many other produce items, are generally dirt cheap. And so, it happened that I bought a bunch of bananas during a shopping stint, and then proceeded to buy another bunch of bananas just a day or two later, having completely forgotten about the first bunch.

In any case, there ended up being two spotty and sad bananas left over, a bit too far gone for anyone in their right mind to want to eat. But not all was lost, banana bread came to the rescue!

I did a google search for banana bread recipes with cinnamon, and ended up finding a recipe which also called for chocolate chips, which of course was a bonus. Here’s the delicious virgin terrain:

Virgin banana bread terrain

Anyhow, I grabbed the recipe from here. The only alterations I made were using 1/2 wheat flour and 1/2 white, and a wee bit of nutmeg wandered in there as well.

Now what I find fascinating about all of this is that I altered a recipe that I’d janked from someone, who’d janked and altered that recipe from someone else who had done the same. It’s like playing Telephone, except with food. So apparently someone needs to post a recipe for, say, chocolate cake, and see where it ends up in 6 months time or so. Either there will be approximately 2378429437 variations of chocolate cake, or it will have mutated completely into crab bisque. I’m rooting for the latter, it makes the world seem much more interesting.

In any case, the banana bread was quite tasty. Especially when microwaved for maximum gooeyness!

Piece of banana bread

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