Dragonfruit + Cheese Sandwich = Joy

Dragonfruits are a strange sort of fruit, one that I’ve only discovered recently. While here in the US their price hangs around $4 a pop, they’re at a much more reasonable 50 cents to a buck in Mexico, so of course I had to get one. In any case, they’re tasty. It’s like a kiwi decided to go skinny-dipping. However, upon removing it’s furry outer layer, it suddenly got lightheaded and pale, swooning in all of it’s nakedness, and passed out. Then, a giant mutant gumball with spines comes a long and decides to hold the unconscious kiwi gently inside of itself. This is the deliciousness that is a dragonfruit.

The selection of cheeses in Mexican grocery stores (and by ‘stores’, I mean the one grocery store we visited) is quite delightful. Rows and rows of slabs of fresh cheeses with names I cannot pronounce and certainly couldn’t identify with my pidgin Spanish. In any case, this simply adds the the cheeses’ mystique. And thusly, the cheese I ended up purchasing was placed between the halves of bread, and I declared it tasty.

dragonfruit and bread and cheese, oh my!

And here’s another thing that Mexico (along with other parts of Latin America, as far as I know) is doing right that the US definitely isn’t: not classifying yogurt as a diet/health item. So many possibilities of drinkable yogurt, in so many flavors (like nut and raising flavor, very interesting)! Giant buckets of delicious yogurt, without so much a ‘low-fat’ slapped on it. I never really know what I’m going to get when I get yogurt in the US, because it’s hard to tell the difference between something that’s naturally low-fat and something that was forcibly strangled into being low-fat when every single product of it’s type is slathered with some sort of ‘health’ identifier! In any case, I wish the US had drinkable yogurt beyond overpriced teeny diet drinks and health drinks.

(As an addendum, this is the last of the ‘me dumping photos from Mexico’ posts.)

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One Comment

  1. intimeessay January 19, 2017 10:43 am

    Cheese sandwich is one of my favorite things to eat and mostly at the snack time. After reading this post I really want to go in the kitchen and make myself the same cheese sandwich.