Bisquick, Russian Dolls, and Joy

I am a big fan of food that is stuffed inside other food. I like to think of it as the Russian Doll model of cooking/eating. Truly a beautiful thing, it is. And has the potential to truly be a complicated thing, as my previous experience with attempting empanadas has shown.

And thusly, I attempt lazy Russian Doll food with a lovely thing called Bisquick (I’m a big fan).

First step: squoosh up all of the ingredients. Mine consisted of green peppers, Mexican cheese, bits o’ sausage, and some cream cheese to make it extra lubricated. Lubrication is very important for cooking, you know.


Next step: squish up some biscuit dough. This is all very unscientific here, mind you. I just pour a reasonable amount of Bisquick into a bowl, then proceed to add milk and mix it all as I go, adding more milk until the consistency is doughesque.

Note: “doughesque” is apparently not a real word. Or rather, wasn’t a real word until I added it to my computer’s dictionary. Now if only I can find a way to teleport that word smack dab into Webster’s Dictionary, then I’d be set.

Note: Webster’s dictionary is not actually written by Webster from the popular 80’s tv show of the same name. This is confusing, and possibly a shock to some of you, but you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

Returning to the delicious matter at hand: biscuits. You squish little globs of dough into vaguely ball-like shapes, and hollow them out. Then, stuff those babies with the cheese concoction and seal them up on the top. Bake at a bit longer then you’d do actual biscuits (15 minutes, I think?), and at 350 rather then 400. Or at least that’s what I did, and they came out full of delight.

Balls of joy

Tasty indeed. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys balls, eating things, Russia, or sausage.

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