Cheese Pasta, Hidden Chickens, and Bonus Cheese

I have plates with chickens on them. In the particular instance of this post, I’d say they’re more like Schroedinger’s chickens, as they are shrouded in a veil of pasta, putting their mere existence into question, Delicious pasta, I might add.

Chickens, hiding in the shells

I might also add that you are completely at my mercy regarding this whole ‘chicken’ thing. This plate could actually have frolicking walruses on it, or Dick Cheney in a bikini, or many other things that you would wish to cover in pasta – the possibilities are endless, really. The chickens really are quite cute, though. Considering the subject matter of this blog, however, it’s unlikely you’d ever get a chance to see them, as it would require an empty plate, i.e. lacking in tasty photographable niblets and such. Maybe I’ll start a separate blog just for food I’ve finished eating. I’ll take pictures of all of my empty plates, and you can see a haze of chickens, smeared with crusty cheese. Now that’s appetizing for you! Or, for a cleaner idea, a blog dedicated to washing dishes. Hot sud action, ahoy!

In any case, Pasta Roni does good things for me. This is the ‘white shells and cheddar’ variety, into which I’ve dumped some frozen spinach as well as bonus cheese. This is standard for any boxed mac and cheese, I find. You cannot go wrong with adding bonus cheese.

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One Comment

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