Tacos Al Pastor

Strangely enough, tacos al pastor have pretty much nothing to do with any sort of ministry, unless it’s the Ministry of Pork.


The meat is shaved off of this giant meat cylinder of the sort that I’d totally love to wrap my body around and gnaw upon for awhile. It’s rather similar to a giant shawarma meat tube, which is also ideal for wrapping one’s body around and gnawing upon.

Dumped upon these delightful little tacos are cilantro, onion, pico de gallo, guacamole, and pineapple. Pineapple! Yeah, I was excited.

Oh, and the red sauce. The accursed red sauce. See, I had gotten all vulnerable when it came to the red sauce. It’s impossible to tell the spiciness of a sauce just by staring at it. And, well, I’d been eating red sauces who’s spiciness levels were appropriate, not at death level (0r even maiming level, for that matter). This sauce, however was definitely at least maiming level. I have no excuse, though – I even asked the woman how hot it was, and she said it was pretty hot. I even just put a couple dribbles on each taco, but still death ensued. Aside from that whole death thing, however, the tacos were rather tasty.

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One Comment

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