Falafel! (Beany Cookies…or Worst Wallpaper Ever)

To explain the title a bit better, I will simply post the image first:

Beaniest Cookies Ever?

At first glance, they almost appear to be cookies, perhaps peanut butter cookies that have been rubbing elbows with the wrong sorts of citrus fruits. These would be the beaniest cookies one has ever bitten into. Actually, I’m not even sure how I’d react if I bit into falafel thinking it was a cookie, I suppose it would depend on how good the falafel was. Unfortunately, for this particular falafel, I might just spit it out. Baking falafel is not the best of ideas if you actually want it to be delicious, apparently.

As for the wallpaper, well, doesn’t that picture look like a snapshot of a polkadot pattern? A polkadot pattern comprised not of mere dots, but of Superdots, capable of filling one with mighty protein! It’s a beautiful thing, really. You could imagine this pattern on fabric, perhaps as a mildly demented bedspread, or Curtains of Delicious. To take it one step further though, is wallpaper, as a room whose walls were covered with such a pattern would be falafelicious indeed. Especially if you throw in some Willy Wonka wallpaper effects, with scratch ‘n sniff wallpaper. I’d be hungry all the time. Well, that or really fat. Or just really gassy. Though, let’s be honest here, the latter is pretty much guaranteed.

By the way, if you are ever writing something about falafel and your computer’s dictionary does not think it is a word, I highly recommend simply replacing all instances of falafel with Faulkner (which came up as an alternate word on mine, and resulted in a highly amusing sentence when I attempted to click the ‘add to dictionary’ text and instead clicked ‘Faulkner’).

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