Macaroon Joy(ish)

I love macaroons so bad. They are like magical lumps of coconut and joy. I recently had the joy of eating one, made in the mini-mountains of Southwest Virginia, that was approximately the size of my fist and appeared to a have a stingray composed entirely of chocolate and yes, more joy, affixed to the bottom of it. It slid down my gullet quite nicely. Such delights will naturally cause the mind to wander to the possibility of producing such things in mass quantities. So I tried making macaroons.

They ended up being round and rather average as such things go.

Rows of macaroons, marching in synch

Admittedly, I didn’t follow the recipe very well. I had this bag of uber-shredded coconut from a local Mediterranean grocery store, and it definitely came up about a cup short. So I just added more flour. Then, rather then dumping the vanilla in with the milk first, I dumped it straight onto the flour/coconut mixture, meaning about 3 of these babies taste like Super Vanilla, and the rest are, well, a bit blander then necessary.

Chocolate helps, though!

Chocolatey and delightful!

A bit more chocolate would have helped more. I can’t give up yet, though. I have to believe that delicious homemade macaroons exist, even if achieving them actually requires following a recipe!

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