Curry Rice

There seems to be a prevailing theory that, in order to eat well in this country, you have to have a load of money to spend on groceries. I, respectfully, believe this to be a load of bull. This theory leaves out the important phrase ‘with minimal effort’. Indeed, a nausea-inducing Banquet frozen meal will be much cheaper then any organic all-natural veggies++ frozen meal, but all of these are quite easily beaten by making that same type of meal, but with the rice/potatoes/vegs/meat/etc. bought separately, and likely in larger quantities. It’s just that the last one requires a lovely thing called effort.

At least, this is how I try to explain the fact that I currently have 6 types of rice (7 if you count barley). They just…kind of accumulate. Cause I’m all like, ‘hmm, I want sushi’, so I need to get sushi rice. And then I’m all like, ‘hey, mangoes’, and I get sweet rice to make magical desserts. And then I’m all like ‘Wowie, 8 different types of grains in One Single Bag!’ and get another type. And so it goes. Some rice goes rather fast. For me this is jasmine rice, it’s fluffy and delightful and goes with anything. Then there’s rice that hangs out for awhile. It likes being your buddy in that ‘trying to avoid sliding down your throat’ kind of way, and you sometimes have to really make an effort to find things to do with it. This is why this curry rice is so delightful:

So many little little time!

There are so many grains that can just hide out in a dish like this. I’ve got that gazillion-grain rice in here, plus some barley, plus some lentils that just kinda wandered on in at the last minute. It’s infinitely flexible too, you can just dump in whatever crap happens to be in your fridge that you need to get rid of. Err, unless you’re the sort of person to store actual crap in your fridge, I really don’t recommend that.

In any case, here’s the recipe (which I, admittedly, seriously altered, but it’s good in it’s unadulterated form as well).

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