Fruity Hummus

I made hummus the other day. I use ‘hummus’ in the loosest sense of the word.

See, it all started with such good intentions. I had chickpeas and a vision. A vision that quickly died when (after having already cracked open the can of chickpeas, of course) I realised that I was completely lacking in non-powdery garlic. I had no fresh herb type ingredients for the sprucing of hummus, and tahini was certainly lacking as well.

I have this marmalade, though. This weird pomegranate marmalade with…stuff…in it. I acquired it for free, at slightly after the expiration date, and I’ve not cared for it all that much. Despite having gotten it for free, the mere presence of an $11 price tag on the bottom prevents me from just straight up tossing it. So lets just say I’ve been keeping my eyes out for recipes I could slip the stuff into.

So I dumped a can of chickpeas, a healthy glop of this marmalade, and some olive oil into a blender, and let that baby go to work. Tasted weird, so I added lemon juice. This made it taste weird, yet lemoney. I’m just not sure of the marriage of beans and fruit is a stable one, to be honest. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just not exactly what I’d call good. I like to try to imagine that, somewhere in a parallel galaxy, there is a civilization whose palette appreciates this particular combination of food, and that I, by making myself eat this stuff, am being quite multicultural.

Or maybe there’s just a planet made of this stuff somewhere, who knows.


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