It’s Peanut Butter (err..) Crunchy Time!

The highlight of my life is going to the grocery store at 9ish in the morning. It’s a glorious thing, really. See, first of all, I’m a sucker for free samples. If you go at Regular People time (generally in the 5:30-9:00pm realm), these babies are long gone. Or all that’s left are paltry crumbs. 9:00 am, however, is still early enough for there to be piles of free samples sitting in the little clear containers at my local Kroger. These generally consist of leftover baked goods whose expiration date was the day before. Works for me. The other day, I had a large chocolate chip cookie for breakfast, and the week before, a delightful sugar cookie, courtesy of Kroger. (It’s healthy because it’s free, really!)

Another upside to this is the discount rack. This is where all of the other baked goods from the day before sit, generally marked down by at least half the price. Sure, in the evening there’s usually a stick of french bread or two, but in the morning this sucker is stacked. A few months ago I managed to get a triple chocolate cake for 1/2 off. Considering the initial price was $11, I was quite pleased.

In any case, this baked good rack has been fueling my fancy bread eating lately, that and the copious amounts of jelly I have spontaneously developed. I was on a pumpernickel kick for awhile, which is, incidentally, the Bread of the Gods. The other week, I got this delightful two toned bread, what I believe is rye twisted with some dark bread which I cannot name as, quite sadly, my knowledge of bread types doesn’t extend much further then ‘white or wheat’. If I lived in France, I would have probably been clubbed by now. Or sniffed at to death, or whatever they do to people like me in such strange lands. In any case, it goes great with peanut butter.

I like my men like I like my peanut butter...sticky and covered with nuts.

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