Brownies, and the Hacking of a Cake Mix

Apparently I’m obligated to make a post about brownies once every 2 weeks or so. I called them mayflies, recently, based on their tendency to not live more then one day. Brownies are a bit like mosquitoes as well, hovering about on a regular basis. Except they’re the sort of mosquitoes that you really want to divebomb into your mouth and down your throat, soon to be followed by a milk mosquito, or something like that. Mmmm milk mosquito.

In any case, this is a horrible picture of a delicious item:

Tastiest. Mosquito. Ever.

I promise that I will a.) start actually setting these pictures up to be more photogenic and b.) start seriously considering getting a camera that does closeups better. But more a then b, as I’m poor. Unless you want to give me money. Or perhaps a decent camera. I’m flexible on that, really.

In any case, these brownies were awesome. Not just because they were brownies, though. They’re awesome because I hacked a cake mix to achieve them. Note: this is a tangent quite similar to my not long ago discovery that cake mix can be used to make cookies.

So, cake mix is sold in stores for rather cheap. And for some reason, brownie mixes are generally at least 150% the cost of cake mixes, and for no good reason. Well here’s the way around that: Just get a cake mix (used here is a triple chocolate cake mix), add 1/2 cup oil and 2 eggs, and mix. Then gradually add milk until it’s about the consistency of brownie mix. 1/3 cup or something like that, I was all lazy and didn’t measure. Then bake for 30 minutes or so, cool and devour. As good as any brownies I’ve paid too much for!

Strategic chocolate chips, sprinkles, and nuts are also highly recommended.

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