The Lazy (wo)Man’s Turkey Sandwich

These are the dog days of summer. Or rather they’re the days of summer that are lacking dogs. It’s a bitter thing, really, the fact that in this modern day and age, there are still hot dog manufacturers that are producing packs of dogs that come in a quantity less then 8. I swear, I really need to write a letter to my senator about this sort of thing, it’s quite a travesty!

In any case, I’ve had these two solitary buns just sitting in my fridge for several days. Remnants of the Great Camping Trip Italian Sausage Binge of 2008. I can’t just chuck them, it would make both Captain Planet and my wallet cry. I also don’t have any convenient duck, geese, or pigeon friends to feed them to. Thus, I jump on the opportunity to make a sandwich when the ingredients become available.

It's like a wiener mutated into a bird and imploded!

You shall note that this title specifies ‘lazy’. This is due to the puny effort put into locating the majority of ingredients in this sandwich. It being August is a factor, my cup runneth over…with tomatoes! It pays to know people with gardens. So those babies were free. It also pays to be related to people that get meat scraps from the gourmet food shop they work in. Thus, there’s some rather tasty turkey bits located in that sandwich. Ok, I totally bought the lettuce. And, many moons ago, I bought the mustard. Still, as ‘sandwiches’ go, it’s pretty lazy.

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One Comment

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