Yellow Orange Watermelon and Ginger Salmon, Oh My!

For the first time ever in my puny mortal existence, I grew something worth eating. I’ve got a splendid patch of watermelon that has conquered most of my backyard. Considering the size of my backyard, this actually says very little. However, there are actual watermelons growing on said sprawling plant behemoth. Many of them are shriveling up into tiny aborted almost-melons, for reasons I wish I knew. However, a lucky few are making it. I recently plucked the first of what will hopefully be many watermelons, cut it opened, and was mildly traumatized by what I saw.

It was yellow inside! Yellow! Well, orangish yellow, to be precise. I thought maybe I’d picked it too soon. I decided to talk to my good friend Google about this, and Google told me that there’s apparently several species of watermelon that are not red inside at all. Craziness! It tastes as a watermelon should, however, and that’s all that really matters.

Yellow Orange Watermelon

I’ve eaten a chunk of that baby today, and will need to kill it off tomorrow, and Drew and I will be leaving for a 5 day camping trip then. This means it’s time to kill off as much food in the fridge as possible! We have entirely too many vegetables, for one thing! Thusly, salmon time it is!

Ginger Salmon

This is ginger salmon, based vaguely off of some recipe I stared at online. It used up the rest of the basil, one of the last green peppers, one of the last tomatoes, and other ingredients that were not so important for the killing off but were very important for the tasting good part of things.

In any case, I won’t be posting here for several days, as I will be busy rolling around in dirt. Rest assured, there will be gloriously awful pictures upon my return. Or awfully glorious pictures. Really, either could describe the vast quantities of charred hot dogs I foresee sliding down my gullet in the near future.

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    how big does this get

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