I Love a Good Dose of Bisquick

I believe that bisquick is best taken through the nose. It’s not quite pure enough for mainlining it, and smoking bisquick would be absolutely ludicrous. This is why my preferred method of ingesting a good dose of bisquick is to snort it. Snorting bisquick is an art, really, meant more of a bisquick aficionado and not for some amateur biscuit fan. Which is why I chose to present today’s tasty niblet in a more accessible form. for the ‘Average Jane/Joe’ of bisquick consumers.

Thus, bisquick in biscuit form. Laziest bread product ever. I don’t even bother to measure, cause it’s just easier to dump a pile of powder into a bowl and mix milk in until doughy. Then, squish into balls and bake until delicious. Works for me!

Bisquick biscuits

Now, I know that the above will simply be insufficient for the hardcore user out there, so I have included bonus imagery for those who need that extra fix. I fully understand that, as an enabler, I do bear some responsibility here. Nonetheless, here is a cat that is huffing pasta.

Cat huffing pasta

Now, don’t blame me if your children grow up and start shooting things. Go blame God, or whoever put eyeballs on the sorry bastards in the first place. Besides, in some countries, this stuff is not only legal, but encouraged!

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One Comment

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