Ground Beef Ahoy (AKA Delightful Burgers + A Horrible Excuse for Shepherd’s Pie)

So at some point in the not too distant past, a large mound of ground beef crawled into my freezer. Up until recently, my thoughts toward it, when it got thought of at all, were vague and murky and took on spaghetti-like forms. Then suddenly, I was showered with gifts from the Tomato Deities while simultaneously having leftover burger buns from a cookout. It suddenly became very clear what must be done: burgers. This is quite appropriate summer fare, indeed. Too bad I had to do it the lame stove way, as I lacked a grill to make appropriate outdoor cookout smells for the neighbors to drool over. Alas, I could have used a George Foreman grill and an extension cord, but somehow it’s not quite the same.

I managed to completely overcompensate on these babies. See, ground beef patties have this tendency to shrink up when being cooked. So, something that started out as a reasonable size for a bun ends up shrinking up and fattening up until you’re left with a bloated giant meatball doing a clam impersonation. Mind you, this is still a tasty result, but those several bites of bun without burger are somehow lacking. So I made them super thin and super large. Result: I fried 3 per pan load, and they were a perfect size…for a bun that was larger then the buns I had. So the meat kind of flopped over the edges. I guess too much meat sure beats not enough (insert ‘meat beating’ joke here). In any case, it tasted good, especially with the addition of such delightful tomatoes:

delightful burger

So, despite having overgrown meat discs, I still have entirely too much ground beef for a reasonable person to consume in a respectable amount of time. So it just got ground up in the hopes of sprucing up some lesser dish. Which, ultimately, led to the horrible excuse for Shepherd’s Pie.

See, I somehow ended up with a largish quantity of some frozen mashed potatoes. High end, meaning you could eat them and say ‘these are not bad….for frozen mashed potatoes’. There’s only so much I can take of plain mashed potatoes, to be honest here. Thusly entered the brilliant idea of dumping some of that ground beef on top, and then dumping some frozen corn on top of that. Brilliant, I thought!

Rather mediocre, in reality. I still ate it, as there were far worse things to eat, but it just wasn’t putting the sparkle in my eyeballs, to use a ridiculous metaphor.

A horrible excuse for shepherd's pie

Incidentally, I just looked up some shepherd’s pie recipes. This is apparently rather far away from what shepherd’s pie actually is, to the point of probably offending real shepherd’s pie so much as to cause it’s friends to beat this dish up if they ever ran into this dish alone at night. Shameful, really. The last time I had shepherd’s pie was in 6th grade, which might explain things. Come to think of it, that was the only time I’ve ever had shepherd’s pie. Meaning you should probably ignore pretty much everything I say, but you’ve probably figured that out by now.

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