BLT of Joy

Summer is a glorious time, indeed. This is because Summer is the time when all of the delicious tomatoes come out to play. They just love crawling inside my sandwiches! And where go the tomatoes, soon goes the bacon.

I have a weird relationship with bacon, see. It’s weird, or rather, it stands in contrast to the relationship that many I know have with bacon, in that it’s an in between thing. There seem to be two camps of people: those who prefer to eschew bacon entirely (often eschewing the entire category of ‘meat’ while they’re at it) or those who, if they could, would wrap everything that goes down their throats in bacon. And I’m generally just somewhere inbetween.

Take, for example, a bacon cheeseburger. I have been known to remove the bacon from one of these particular sorts of burgers. It’s not that the bacon is bad, it’s just that it tampers with the purity of a burger. Bacon is a separate item, quite appropriate in specific circumstances, but completely unnecessary when all I really want is a squishy pile of beef.

But then comes BLT time. It is a time when bacon is allowed to take the spotlight in my gastronomical life, for BLTs just might be the Sandwich of the Gods.


When frying the bacon for this wee tasty, I was totally licking the spatula. Because apparently bacon grease is just that good. I figure it balances out in the end because I pat the bacon down hardcore on some paper towels afterwards.

I’m saving the bacon grease, too. For what, you may ask? Because I want to try deep frying some vegetarian gluten balls in them. This could very well be the epitome of delicious right there.

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