Maple Apple Crisp, AKA The Terrain of Joy

You will now be presented with the sort of luscious terrain that makes you wish dirt was the fourth point on the food pyramid. Or rather, food stepladder. Or whatever the hell they call that new ‘what you’re technically supposed to be eating instead of the crap you usually eat’ diagram.

This is maple apple crisp, in all of its ‘not being able to see what’s inside it’-ness:

Maple Apple Crisp

And it was so dang good, I’m even gonna link to the recipe, courtesy of

I like taking closeups of stuff like this, as it really does make it look like delicious walking ground. A walking ground as if it were the delicate soil covering an underground marsh of drippy apple and syrup. Like walking on it, you could fall through at any minute to your delicious and moist death. And if you put ice cream on it, you could totally pretend it’s winter! (Ice cream was really good on it, incidentally). Oh, and I dumped in chocolate chips too. So really, it’s more like delicious terrain covered in the best tasting dog poo around.

You could even be more ridiculous and get all Warhammer with this. Make several batches, and gently lay them out on a table. Use gummy bears instead of lizardmen or wights or whatever the so-called ‘cool kids’ use these days. The key to this game will be the side of rum (lets be honest here, sides of rum) you will consume, so at the end, in your victory sweep, when you eat your opponent’s ruination, your buzz will be strong enough to make you utterly oblivious to your ‘not wiped off in several months’ table. A great win like that won’t be something easily repeated, which won’t be a problem considering the difficulty you’ll have convincing your utterly horrified friends to come back. Enjoy!

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  1. November 10, 2016 7:07 am

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