Lusty Cheesesteak

At entirely too many restaurants, a serving is defined as the average amount of food eaten in the average meal of a 6 1/2 foot person who weighs 300 lbs (give or take a few lbs). For those who are shorter and smaller, this means a much larger then average meal by far. And it’s unfortunate for those of us that grew up with ‘eat everything on your plate’ ideas pounded into us. At least, I know I spent a large portion of my life, when in restaurants, in eating to the point of being rather physically uncomfortable, because I just thought that’s how things worked.

Luckily, at some point in all those years my brain took over. Now, part of the joy at eating out at places with portions of eating contest proportions is the fact that you’ll get two meals out of it instead of just one.

For example, take this here cheesesteak, which this rooster lustfully gazes upon. It is indeed the remnant cheesesteak of an earlier meal.

Lustful Cheesesteak

Once upon a time, there were about 3 more inches at the end of that cheesesteak. That, plus eating all of the fries, plus a bonus slice of pizza that came my way, made for a quite filling meal, with this quite large cheesesteak remnant for dinner later on.

The only downside of eating your meals this way, though, is the strategy involved can lead to a bit of an imbalance. See, this cheesesteak came with a quite large serving of fries. Reheated fries are disgusting more often then not, so as far as I was concerned, it was a given that all of the fries would need to be eaten the first go-around. This, of course, left less room for the cheesesteak, which is what I really wanted in the first place. But, such are the sacrifices one must make for efficiency!

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