Pasta with basil

It’s kinda rare for me to get decent closeup shots. Generally, I think my camera is bitter towards me. See, I used to have a different digital camera before my current one. I really liked it, I even hand-made it a camera case and everything. Then someone broke into my apartment and stole it (among other things). I mourned the loss of that camera greatly. That camera and I, we had forged a special relationship together, and to have it ripped so cruelly from me was not something I could readily handle.

Anyhow, after an appropriate mourning period, I decided it was time to get a new camera. I even upgraded to a better model. However, I think this camera has always known that I never completely got over my feelings towards the first camera. It’s a shame in a way, too, as this camera is definitely better (by some people’s standards of ‘better’ at least). I even bought it a shiny case and everything, and I give it as much affection as a person like me can possibly give a camera! Still, it serves me well, and has it’s bad days like any other piece of machinery. I need to give credit where it’s deserved.

In any case, here’s some cheesy pasta with basil:

Cheesy Pasta with Basil

I always attempt to make homemade pasta with cheese to combat the general unhealthiness of box pasta with cheese, but it tends to end up being greasier. This is due to me being all inspired to dump in as many cheeses as possible, and inevitably several of them are not inclined to melt very easily. Meaning that, inevitably, I’ll think adding butter and/or olive oil is a great idea. All of which still leads to delicious, but definitely not to healthy. Albeit, if you want to eat pasta and cheese, it’s probably best to chuck the whole ‘healthy’ thing pretty early on, anyhow.

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