Ogahi, made with Azuki Bean Paste

Ever had daifuku? It’s magical. Little balls of dough gently cradling delightful globs of sweet bean paste. So I was inspired about a year or so and purchased a bag of red azuki beans (sweet beans of the Japanese dessertey variety), with stern intentions of making daifuku for myself.

A year later, I finally get around to doing something that was vaguely similar to my plan.

So, as I mentioned a little while back, I have a large bag of sweet rice. This, as also mentioned a little while back, is because the rice sitting right beside the actual sushi rice at the store would be good enough for sushi, since the sushi rice surely must have a good influence on it, right? I mean, why get sushi rice for sushi, that wouldn’t make any sense at all! Point being, I have a gigantic bag of sweet rice that I have been attempting to find uses for.

Thus, comes the Ogahi. It’s like a piece of daifuku flipped itself inside out, and then get all lumpy in the rice part (err, since daifuku uses rice flour rather then straight up rice).

So I dumped this bag of azuki beans in a pot with some water, and let them sit there for approximately 7836172 hours. Then boiled them for a little less then that, dumped some sugar in, squashed it up with a cup as for some godawful reason I am completely lacking in a potato masher, and the end product was this delightful pile of squish:

Azuki bean paste

Then came the rice. Then came the getting my fingers all covered in gooey substances for the sake of deliciousness. Look, they’re facing off for a mighty battle!


Soon enough, all the rice balls had converted over to the Dark side:

Ohagi rows

By the way, these should in theory have been completely inappropriate! You know why? Ohagi is traditionally made for the spring and fall equinox. I’m about 3 months off here. Ah well, I got close to an equinox, right?

Anyhow, their ultimate destination was to be served at a baby shower where probably at least 1/2 of the people there thought they were either chocolate or meatballs. Definitely a big surprise to bite into one of them thinking that! Anyhow, they went over well enough with those who appreciate such Japanese tasties, and I got to take home the rest, which is also a bonus.

A final peaceful scene of restful Ogahi:

Ogahi scene

Hobbits and flowers and bean paste, oh my!

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