Mango with Sweet Rice

Yeah, so I had the worst diarrhea ever recently. I blame this stuff, personally.

Mango with sweet rice

Mango and rice, seems harmless, eh? My bowels would disagree.

Luckily, it was rather an average creation, so it wasn’t too painful to trash the rest of it. My mistake was merging a bunch of different recipes together into the form that seems most convenient to my lazy self. I mean, it was good and all, in that bland chewy way. Hell, I’ve never eaten this before, maybe that’s how it’s supposed to taste. Mind you, I liked it much better before my anus started spurting everywhere in tragic proportions. Abdominal cramping for hours, it’s just no good.

No, I’m not bitter at all!

Anyhow, if I ever find mango with sweet rice being served for dessert in a restaurant, I must try it, as I’m quite sure that a person more competent than I would make it taste delightful.

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One Comment

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