Lentil Curry

So this was technically supposed to be soup. I, however, am a non-believer. I was baffled that the recipe actually expected me to fit several quarts of water into a large saucepan. Apparently it’s definition of ‘large’ does not mesh well with mine. This baby took 2 hours to cook (compared to the recipe’s paltry 45 minutes) due to me constantly having to add more water, but not too much so as to keep the saucepan from peeing all over the place.

Witness for yourself the vast and mighty acres of beanage:

lentil curry
There was enough for several days, as well as a chunk which is now napping in my freezer. It worked out well, I dumped in curry powder because the already dumped in cumin was begging for it, despite the recipe not calling for it. I also made the fabulous decision of eating this with barley rather then rice, meaning my mouth was filled with thousands of teeny tiny lumps and balls! It was an adventure in texture.

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