Chocolate Chip Brownie Cheesecake Dealio

So this was an exercise in ridiculousness that ended up being an exercise in bloat. But then again, so goes many things.

See, I ended up with an unexpected block of cheesecake, due to parentals leaving town for awhile and not wishing to throw out perfectly good groceries. So like any red-blooded American, my immediate instinct was, of course, to make cheesecake. So I get block #2 of cream cheese and a graham cracker pie crust, and a day or so later prepare to do the deed.

Like any red-blooded American, I put off until the last minute the most important part – locating a recipe. I quickly discovered that any decent looking cheesecake recipe a.) called for more cream cheese then I actually had on hand and/or b.) required condensed milk, which I definitely did not possess.

So I switched to Plan B: making cheesecake brownies. This went swimmingly up until the point I realised that, despite the oven having preheated for several minutes, the oven was not emitting any actual heat. There was also a faint glow of oil in the air that wafted into my brownie-cheesecake-odorless nostrils. No good at all.

Turned out the oven was not functioning. So, stuck the concoction in the freezer, and several days later (this took place right before the weekend) the oven gets fixed. After like 2 hours of baking because I’m a genius and wanted sugar more then I wanted defrosted and evenly baked brownies, it produced this:

Cheesecake brownies

And, like any red blooded Americans, we devoured all of them in the next 30 hours. Did I mention the bloat?

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One Comment

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