Sushi Fun Times

Hey look! I made real sushi! Not lazy sushi! Yay!

I totally have the wrong type of rice. The sweet rice was right by the short grain rice at the store, and I was all like ‘Hey! Instead of getting the rice I’m supposed to get, I’ll get the one right beside it instead!’. So I did. And it’s really glutinous and sticky. To think, way back in my early sushi-making days it was a hard and arduous task to get the sushi rice to be ‘sticky’. It involved strategic soaking of the rice, painful measurements of the water, and much arduous squishing around with a large spoon or other such device to get the rice to desired stickiness. It’s gotten much easier since then, mind you, but with this sweet rice, I don’t even really have to touch it for it to be sticky!

Anyhow, here’s a bit of technical detail about the process of preparing the ingredients: I hacked up a bunch of crap.

sushi ingredients

The cucumber and carrot went easy. The avocado, being perfect consistency (something else I was hellish at determining back in the day) also went easy. That egg was a real bastard, though.

First off, I was out of white rice, so I mixed brown rice up into the egg instead, which is why the egg is funny colors. I really hate cleaning frying pans, so I use the fabulous ‘boil the egg in a ziplock bag in a pot full of water’ technique, which is generally brilliant. Doesn’t work so well when there’s sugar in there too, though, as the sugar just wanted to sink to the bottom, and scald onto the bottom of the pan, and consequentially tear when I lifted the bag to check on the egg’s progress. Let’s just say some of the egg had not finished boiling yet and decided to escape. My strainer is my buddy.

So then I rolled it all up into delightful friendly tubes, as can be seen below. The ‘lack of white sugar’ problem also lent it’s coloring to the rice as well, as you can see. Brown sugar actually tastes fine in sushi, the aesthetics are the problem, I suppose.

sushi tubes

Then comes the slicing, and the dicing, with the hackin’ of the knives. And so forth. All producing this delightful crop of fishless tasties:

hulking sushi plate

I actually would have had them include meat if I’d been able. But you see, Drew is repulsed by both crab and shrimp, so they’re out. Hell if I can find tuna at Kroger anymore, so that’s out (I was apparently too lazy to check any other grocery store). Salmon in raw form just doesn’t do much for me, so none of that. And I’m still not completely sure which white fish would really work well in sushi. Oh, and eel would have been fabulous, but the Tan-A Asian grocery store was also beyond the scope of my laziness. Alas. Egg is kinda like future meat, so I guess that works.

Anyhow, i made it all purdy:

purdy sushies

All of which became an attempt at a romantic dinner. Or at least, imagine that there wasn’t a blinding flash used in this picture below, and that the table isn’t all scratched up, and that the drill isn’t there. Or something like that.

romantic sushi dinner!

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