Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

For a long period of time. I was not a huge fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was the green, you see. That green coloring. It seemed like it tainted the purity and sheer crispness of what would otherwise be delightful white mint chocolate chip. I wanted my mint chocolate chip to be like a white christmas exploding in my mouth, not some weird falsely-colored travestly. Green said cheap to me somehow, like the makers tried to disguise the lack of any decent citizen’s idea of flavor with a fake pasty green color that reeked of malcontent to any respectable taste buds.

Or, let’s put it this way: Imagine being outside on a sweltering July day, at 2:00 in the afternoon, with not a shady tree in sight. All of the sudden, a magical portal gleaming with sparkly chocolate bits opens up in the sky, and a militia of pure-white snowmen (and snowwomen) paratroopers descend strikingly towards you, with sparkling silver billowing parachutes and guns carved from the crystal clearest of Arctic ices. As they touch down to land, you feel a chill whoosh of air, and your skin prickles. Soon enough, the largest and most intimidating of the Ice Brigade aims a large crystalline barrel at your head, and you feel a cold sweet refreshment blasting in your mouth and sliding down your throat. This is mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Apparently I got over this ‘green’ thing some point.

mint chocolate chip ice cream

Kroger Private Selection brand, very green, and quite delicious. I think what really makes this ice cream is the shaved chocolate flakes. Mint chocolate chip often has those little teeny chocolate chunks that get stuck in your teeth. With these flakes, though, you take a bite and the ice cream first melts away in your mouth, leaving a second wave of quickly melting chocolate. Tooth decayingly delicious!

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One Comment

  1. ontimeessay September 19, 2016 6:54 am

    The new flavor of the mint chocolate chip as you are shard here this is a great gift for the lovers of the ice-cream. They will enjoy allot while messing their mouths with this new one stuff. Hope we will enjoy it allot.