Pizza and BBQ and more!

Long time no post, eh?

I was a complete slacker this weekend. I’d be partway through eating something when I’d suddenly remember my lonely little camera, lounging away in the hotel room. So it goes. But it’s all good, I remembered a few times, and I can make up the rest.

Pizza is essential eating at the beach. This was a delightful pizza with chicken on it gotten from some place that also had even more delightful chicken souvlaki. Said souvlaki was so delightful that there wasn’t any delight left over for the camera, in that my picture of it really sucked. So here’s the pizza instead:


That’s one of the really good things about beach food, is that there’s about 28374892374 times as many locally owned pizza places as there are chain pizza places.

I also got the joy of eating some North Carolina Style (read: vinegar) barbecue that was actually good, and not dry like I’ve had before. Mind you, I still added ketchup, as I’m strongly a fan of the tomato based bbq, but nonetheless, I could have been perfectly content without. Yeah, I didn’t take a picture of that, either. However, there was also some barbecue on a seafood buffet, which I felt obliged to get. The picture came out dull and fuzzy, so I used my Photoshop friend to help it out.


Apparently, lens flare is barbecue’s best friend! You just can’t say ‘no’ to meat that’s as blinged out as that.

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