Sushi-like Pile of Delicious

Have you ever had one of those days where you just really really wanted sushi but couldn’t quite justify the cost? This is why it really comes in handy that I know how to make sushi. And I really had planned to make sushi, too. However, when you’re missing a key ingredient (nori, aka the seaweed paper that sushi gets rolled in) and are too lazy to go buy it, the sushi just ain’t gonna happen. Albeit, one who is too lazy to go buy an ingredient is certainly too lazy to actually make said sushi, but let’s just ignore that fact for now.

So instead I just made all the ingredients for sushi and dumped them in a pile. Turned out I was out of sushi rice, but I just used jasmine instead (jasmine = best rice ever) and it was quite delightful. I fried the egg + sugar that always looks so nice and folded in nigiri rolls, but, quite inevitably, it suceeded looking only like mutated scrambled egg. So much for my egg frying skills. But no matter, it all piled happily with the avocado and carrot, as well as delightful furikake. Furikake is the Rice Seasoning of the Gods, it is flavorful and makes even plain rice absolutely delicious. And then came the shrimpies!

In any case, here’s the final result.

Sushi Pile

Lazy sushi for a lazy me. But, so good.

I really need to get some (nori, that is).

P.S. If you want to be super cost efficient, it’s infinitely cheaper to buy nori in a 100 sheet count pack from your local Asian food store then from the fancy schmancy international aisle of your local grocery store, where they might charge the same price for only 10 sheets.

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