Cookout Joys Galore

These days, having a window open generally results in the scent of cooked meat wafting in at all times of day (and possibly night, as I’m generally asleep however I can’t be too sure about that). The entirely frustrating part about all of this is my complete lack of grill. I suppose I *could* technically buy one, but that would involve spending money, as well as the intent to spend more then a year living in my currently backyarded rented abode. This leaves me with two tendencies which I vigorously practice.

Tendency #1 is my waiting for the both eagerly anticipated and highly dreaded arrival of the Grill Fairy, whereupon I’d wake up with a sharp jabbing pain in my neck and charcoal down my shirt, but a grill resting sweetly beneath my pillow to make it all worthwhile. No luck on this one so far.

The far better tendency is #2, whereupon I get to mooch off the cook-offs of others, and eat tasties like these:

Burger goodness

There’s actually another option in all of this. It’s called “The George Foreman Grill and Extension Cord Method”. It doesn’t produce quite the flavorful taste and aroma one might hope for, but it does indeed fulfill the ‘grilling outdoors’ requirement entailed in, err, grilling outdoors.

A final note: Those with gas stoves are in luck. I greatly enjoy stabbing a wiener (huh huh ‘wiener’) with a fork and cooking it over the gas stove until said wiener is rendered delicious. This also works well with marshmallows. I highly recommend it.

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