Lamb Sub

I have this problem, where I make a thing of meat or pasta or something similar, and I never put in enough ingredients. When I use a recipe, this generally isn’t a problem, but it’s not often I follow recipes (when cooking, at least). I hate having to wash 837482073 measuring cups, and I like to get all frothy and dump in random crap. This does result, on occasion, with food that is blander then it should be, as what would be a large chunk of (insert seasoning of your choice here) to sprinkle on top of a single serving is just barely anything when poured over a large pot or pan of something.

So I dumped in lots of crap this time.

First, the lamb. I shredded up some onion, then some cilantro that was just dying to be used up, then dumped in a vast quantity of garlic, an almost-but-not-quite-as-vast quantity of cumin, some coriander, cinnamon, red pepper, black pepper, and possibly something else I’ve since blocked out. Fried it up, then dumped it on a toasted bun. Onto this I dumped my own concoction of tzatziki sauce (yogurt, lemon, garlic, cucumber), some feta, lettuce and tomato, and the result was this:

Lamb sub

In making this, I delicately placed the meat on, strategically slathered the sauce, painstakingly placed the tomato, and lightly layered the lettuce, so that everything stayed there and the sandwich was about 3 feet high, give or take a foot. Then, I squashed it down with my hand, cut it, and took the picture above. As I began to eat, pretty much every single ingredient attempted to crawl onto my hand and fall down on the plate. Lucky for me, only about 30% of them succeeded. Pure deliciousness! And, with the vast amounts of seasoning added, it ended up tasting seasoned rather then like Death Sheep In My Mouth. This is a good thing.

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