First Post! (with delightful cookies to boot)

So I finally started a separate blog for food-related stuffs. I think about food entirely too much, and enjoy taking a whack at making it. This blog will revolve primarily around what I’ve made recently, and I’ll be trying to post at least every 2 days. Or whenever I eat something that intrigues me. We’ll see how it goes.

And, as a brief aside: the camera I’m working with isn’t exactly professional grade or anything. Not to say that it sucks, but it’s not gonna be spitting out many magazine-quality shots here. As a brief aside #2, my photography skills aren’t exactly professional grade, either.

In any case, I made these snacktacular cookies the other day:


They look better then they taste. Stupid recipe was supposed to be able to go through a cookie gun, but the dough was waay too hard. The pink, btw, is only for show, no strawberry flavor here.

So I was using these reject advent calendar chocolates from Christmas. At least they look snazzy from close up:

More Cookies!

By batch 2, however, said advent chocolates were squishing up in my hand, so I squished them around with a knife and added sprinkles for bonus festiveness:

Yet More Cookies!

I’m not gonna bother posting the recipe, as these just taste entirely too much like cheap chocolate and crisco.

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